Artist Annie Koelle

Born in Buffalo and now living in Greenville, SC, Annie has always kept her head and heart in one area: art. Not only is it her passion and inspiration in life, but it is also her profession. In her youth, her parents graciously gave her art lessons and supported her interest in the field of art. Annie eventually went on to get a degree in fine arts, where she was a very dedicated oil painter. After graduating college and getting married to the love of her life, she switched to acrylic painting and mixed media to fit into the hecticness of life.

Now, as a mother of two, it is no surprise that Annie is preoccupied with caring for her (adorable!) children. Yet, she continues to paint, as it is her escape and follows the function of her life. For Annie, art is an enjoyable process of discovery and therefore, very necessary to keep her going in life. To her, creating art is like the beautiful breaths we take each day.

Stellers Gallery at Ponte Vedra Beach
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